Canada overtakes USA in Tourism Rankings

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Canada Overtakes USA in Tourism Rankings

Alberta, Canada

Just when you thought it couldn’t get much better than having Celine Dion, the Rockies AND Shania Twain to call our own, Canada can now boast that is a more attractive place to visit for vacation than the USA.
canadaday2005-150x150The Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report for this year saw Canada, Oh Canada leapfrog the States into fifth place. The top three places were held by the usual stubborn stalwarts – Switzerland, Austria and Germany while France made a big jump to fourth.
The jump from ninth to fifth, Canada’s highest ever position is partly due to the excellent state of our natural and cultural resources. Banff and the surrounding towns of the Canadian Rockies can take a bow for this as they have remained the most constant draw for tourists over the years.
moraine_lakeThe government gets to take credit, as it pushes to promote Canadian Tourism overseas. The maple leaf has become a symbol of the activities and adventures that can be had in one of the most spectacular natural and beautiful landscapes.
This is one competitive Mountain Man, and with the Olympics coming up next year, ‘Number One’ should be the aim in 2010.

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