Post Service – Best Accommodations in Lake Louise

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Post Service – Best Accommodation in Lake Louise
Banff National Park, Alberta.
Being a Mountain Man often feels like being a crooked cop from 1950’s Hollywood movies. I get the privilege of sampling some of the finest accommodations around the Rockies without ever really deserving it. Aside from when I find the mini bar locked, it is always a great experience. Canadians and mountain folk in particular have a reputation for being the nicest and most helpful around and never was this more evident that during my recent stay in the Post Hotel near Lake Louise. romantic-04-g

Only a 10 minute drive from the stunning Lake itself and right beside the Pipestone River, this impressive wonder stands 1500 metres over the wonders of Banff National Park. The room I stayed in was luxurious to the max and there was a lovely little fire there to keep warm after a busy day out hiking.
The Post has a reputation for excellent dining (Gourmet Magazine chose the Post Hotel as the 3rd Best Rustic Retreat in the World). This reputation turned out to be thoroughly deserved. The menu choice was one of the most varied I have seen in a long time and although I went basic with steak, it was perfectly cooked and delicious. The wine selection was enough to make my head spin and the bottle of burgundy I had, eventually did my head spin after several “tastes”.

Beautiful Lake Louise

Beautiful Lake Louise

There are heaps of really classy facilities to choose from at the Post with the option of a gym or the much lazier option of a dip in the Roman pool. There is no way that you could possibly leave this place in any way stressed. If I was a crooked cop from 1950’s Hollywood, I would definitely be back here to shake them up regularly. True Class!

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