Mountain Man's Top 3 Relaxing Jasper Activities

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Mountain Man’s Top 3 Relaxing Jasper Activities
Jasper, Alberta
Yes, I know what you are thinking. This handsome, bearded man staring at you with his deep knowledgeable eyes is an activities man. He ski’s Banff in winter, hikes Lake Louise in summer and wrestles (baby) grizzly bears in between seasons. Sure, sometimes I have the unfortunate job of checking out quality accommodations to make sure everything is up to the standard that an esteemed reader like you guys deserves but when does Mountain Man get to rest his hiking boots and relax for a while? With this in mind and a recent trip to Jasper to work from, for your sakes only, I experienced some of Jasper’s more relaxed offerings and have compiled this list of my three favorites. Thank me later!

Miette Hotsprings - The hottest springs in the Rockies.

Miette Hotsprings – The hottest springs in the Rockies.

Miette Hotsprings:
Ok, technically I am cheating here as the Miette Hotsprings are only open between May and October every year but last August I paid a visit and I still drift off into my happy place whenever I reflect on it. The drive in itself is stunning, winding up through the spectacular Fiddle Valley to the hottest mineral springs in the Rockies. Aside from the delectable comforts of the pools, there are also great facilities and the chance to hike and see wildlife if a burst of energy envelops you.  It is less than an hour’s drive from Jasper and is number one from Mountain Man.
Jasper Tramway:
Before I went on the Jasper Tramway, I was already in love with it simply for its fantastically punned slogan – Jasper’s “Peak” attraction.  You get an unforgettable view of the Athabasca Valley and Jasper National Park. Two tram cars take visitors to a terrifying height of 2277 meters in less than 8 minutes. Once again, there are hikes available if you feel the energy. If not, you can take the Mountain Man route which is heading to the licensed restaurant at the top for a completely undeserved beer!

The Jasper Tramway - Stairway to heaven (licensed restaurant at the top)

The Jasper Tramway – Stairway to heaven (licensed restaurant at the top)

Sun Dog Tours:
Particularly if you are travelling alone and only in Jasper for a short period, it might not be worth your while to rent a car. This is where sightseeing companies like Sun Dog Tours step in. While sitting back in the comfort of an open windowed bus, you don’t just get to see the gorgeous waterfalls, lakes, mountains, etc but you also get to learn all about it. Relaxing, comfortable and informative – the best way to experience Jasper!

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