Feel Like a Local in the Canadian Rockies

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Whether you’re coming to Canmore in the summer or to the Canmore Ice Climbing Festival in the winter, accommodations are key to making the experience unforgettable. I would love to live in Canmore, but with my lifestyle, having a home base usually means staying in one place too long. The solution was simple: rent an apartment or condo in the Rockies for weeks or months at a time!
The first one I cam across was Rentals in the Rockies. This is a way for tourists to rent a house or condominium in the heart of the Canadian Rockies and feel like a local. Instead of a hotel where the receptionist treats you like a traveler, a tourist, a passer-through, rent an apartment and go to your neighbor to borrow a cup of sugar. Canadians are ultra-friendly and Canmore has that “I live in a small town better than yours” quality.
These guys have apartments and condos less than 10 minutes from downtown Canmore with amazing views of the Rockies.   And when the sun retreats behind the Rockies, spark the barbecue and throw on some marinated moose steaks. This is your house… sort of… so treat it like it’s yours. Here, it’s okay to leave dirty socks on the lazy boy.
If you have the money and the time to stay for a month, you’ll have ample time to really enjoy nearby Banff National Park, that is, if you can get out of your luxury apartment.

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  1. Judy

    Hi Mountain Man!
    Just happened on your site..unbelievable info…my challenge is that I have only snippits of time to read, read, read…So asking for your help..We will be in the Banff/Lake Louise/Jasper area mid to end of Sept. We would like to fly fish or trout fish and horsebackride (beg.-to interm.) while there..But seems to be soooo many sites, places to choose from…Do you have a favorite for most for the $ and enjoyment? thanks for your input!

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