Getting Sentimental: Honeymoon in the Rockies

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For all you lovers, not lovers of the Rockies, but lovers of mankind, I want to grab your attention just for a minute. The Canadian Rockies, winter and summertime can be the most romantic place in the world. Take a blender, throw in some Venice, a pinch of Paris and a tablespoon of Rio de Janeiro. That’s the kind of romanticism I’m trying to convey.

Banff is a beautiful and romantic place for weddings and honeymoons.

Banff is a beautiful and romantic place for weddings and honeymoons.

Choosing your hotel and hotel room is essential to the long nights lovers spend doting on each other and the passion they share. Call them honeymoons, call them romantic getaways, the Canadian Rockies has plenty of options for some serious heart-to-heart pillow talk.
Doing research for this blog entry led me to many places and to maintain my modus operandi I had to show up with one very special mountain woman. Or a series of several mediocre mountain women!
Anyhow, the Mountain Grotto in Canmore helped set the mood just right. After we watched the sun set over the majestic Rocky Mountains, my lady and I took a lover’s stroll along Cougar Creek, just out the front door of the bed and breakfast.
Then there is Thea’s House, located in Banff. The mansion first belonged to the owner’s great uncle and aunt who immigrated from Greece and was converted in to a bed and breakfast years ago. If you and your honey can’t heat it up in the bedroom, Thea’s home style cooking is sure to make your mouth water.
Finally, there’s the Bear and Bison, dubbed a country inn with all the style and coziness to make you and your lover never want to go outside! With amazing views of the craggy Rockies, the inn is located at the foot of Lady McDonald mountain in Canmore. If nothing, the jacuzzi in your room will make you forget about all the years ahead that you have to be married!

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