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Banff’s Best Hotels

Banff National Park, Alberta

The Rimrock Hotel is one of the best known in Banff. It has a reputation as prestigious, top quality and friendly and it lives up to these standards. Banff has a host of options to choose from when it comes to accommodations and staying in the Rimrock would depend on how you can stretch your budget. There are 346 guest rooms to choose from, all of which are as naturally beautiful and relaxing as the view waiting outside the windows. One thing that very few, if any, hotels in Banff can compete with is the view from the Rimrock based high up in the Canadian Rockies.

You are surrounded by the beautiful nature of the Canadian Rockies while staying in the Rimrock Hotel.

The staff is extremely friendly and helps organizing any activities you might want to do whether it be skiing or dog sledding. Better again, the Rimrock boasts one of the best and most famous restaurants in the Rockies and Western Canada. The Eden offers 5 diamond dining with outstanding food and the professional staff to match. Many visitors who have dined in here make sure to compliment the staff who made them feel extremely welcome and comfortable.
Though a little away from Banff, it is not too much trouble to get into town, especially if you are driving. To feel so surrounded by the nature makes the little bit of hassle completely worthwhile. Besides with some of Canada’s best dining and an outstanding pool and gym area, there is hardly any need to leave! Though not the cheapest option in town, the Rimrock is a class above and if there is a special occasion coming up then this could be the perfect accommodation to choose from.

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Telephone: (403) 762-3356
Fax: (403) 762-4132

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