Rockies Hotels – The Falcon Crest Lodge, Canmore

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Rockies Hotels – Falcon Crest Lodge, Canmore

Canmore, Kananaskis

When it comes to accommodations in Canmore, the Falcon Crest Lodge is leader of the pack. With constant specials on and one of the most luxurious but affordable hotels around, it has long been a favourite for guests to Canmore and Banff National Park. Located only minutes away from the gates of Banff National Park, Canmore is a less pricy, less rushed option. It is a town full of quaint little coffee shops and secret corners and is ideal for those looking for the less-touristy option.

One of the beautiful lounge rooms in the Falcon Crest Lodge.

The Falcon Crest is only a short, beautiful walk into the heart of Canmore and boasts simple luxuries that we all deserve…or at least feel we do. Granite countertops, fluffy duvet comforters, pillow top mattresses and of course the free luxury that everybody in the Rockies gets – the unbelievable view of the towering mountains on all sides. The staff is extremely friendly and only too willing to help you find more info on whatever it is you are after.
Check out the Falcon Crest Lodge’s special page before you book. There are a load of options that can save you a fortune such as weekly rates and free tickets to the famous ‘Oh Canada Eh’ show at the Cornerstone Theatre. Canmore is very much one of the gems of the Rockies and when staying in a gem, nothing but a diamond hotel will do!
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