Easy walks around the town of Banff – Fenland Loop

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Easy walks around the town of Banff – Fenland Loop

Banff National Park, Alberta

Many a time I have been accused by ex girlfriends (ex for a reason) of being lazy! Looking back over my collection of blogs about the “easiest walks around Banff” or “How to hike Lake Louise without getting tired”, I am beginning to think they are right. However, there really is a ton of information about the more advanced hikes around Banff and Jasper National Park including our own resident experts. I am writing for those who are a little older, a little less fit and perhaps just a little hungover.

The Fenland Loop walk provides some great views.

On that note, may I recommend having a Caesar cocktail before embarking on your walk. This is a Canadian special – similar to a Bloody Mary but somehow healthier and with clamato juice. With this fuel in your veins, head towards the Bow River on the bridge (Cave Avenue) side. Follow the river path all around the boundaries of town. The emerald coloured river makes for a great photo with the stunning backdrop of the Canadian Rockies. With summer about to kick off, the blue canoes are once again on the river and the scene in general just screams (quietly) serenity.
Eventually you will come to the train tracks. Keep your eyes open for bears and of course trains. Keep following the path until you find yourself amongst trees. You are now officially on the Fenland Loop. The loop takes about 35 minutes to complete and you will certainly see some elk and other wildlife as well as just some really peaceful quiet spots. As good a feeling it is when you climb to the top of a mountain and are awarded with some great views, it can be even better when it is undeserved!
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