Getting Around Banff – Bus

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Getting Around Banff – Bus

Banff National Park, Alberta

It is hard to miss the buses in Banff and I mean this on two fronts. For starters, there are electric boards which tell you exactly when the bus is coming. This is especially useful in winter when it is minus four and a half thousand degrees. Secondly, the buses are decorated in huge, beautiful photos by our very own resident photographer John Marriot. True to the environmentally-friendly atmosphere of Banff, the Roam buses are the first municipality in the country to launch an all hybrid electric fleet to get you around so you leave no carbon footprints.

Another great photo from John Marriot also adorns the side of Banff's buses.

Unlike most environmentally-friendly items on sale these days, you will not be ripped off with the Roam buses. It is a nice flat rate of $1 for seniors and children and $2 for the adults. Better again if you are planning to take the bus quite a bit, you can buy bus tokens in Banff Town Hall (110 Bear Street) for $1.50 a pop. Monthly passes go for as little as $25 too for those planning to stick around this beautiful National Park for a while.
There are ten bus stops around Banff and you can pick up a schedule and map pretty much anywhere around town. The buses have huge bright windows so you will see all the sights. The two routes (Sulphur Mountain and Tunnel Mountain) are very comprehensive so whether you are staying up at the Fairmont Banff Springs on one side of town or the Inns of Banff on the opposite side of town, you will get home safe and warm.
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