Finding jobs in the Canadian Rockies

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The Canadian Rockies are such a nice place to visit, that you may want to live here. That’s what happened to my relatives, who mainly came here to escape the law (that’s another story), but stayed, so I’m told, because they’d become snowshoe fanatics.

It's now wonder why people would want to come work in the Canadian Rockies, with views like these.

Just about every day I meet someone who came here for a week-long ski vacation, rafting vacation, hiking vacation, etc, and 15 years later they’re still here. Yesterday, I met someone who decided to move to Banff after spending several hours staring at the Banff webcam.
Anyway, from talking to these newcomers, I find that once they’ve gotten over the giddiness of their bold decision, reality hits, and the next thing they want to know is: Where can I get a job in the Canadian Rockies?
Of course, as a mountain man, I’m a bit alien to the whole real job thing, but because I’ve heard so much about it, I thought I’d share some tips that might take away a little of the stress of finding a job in the Canadian Rockies.
First, you’ll want to hit up these pages on finding jobs in Banff, finding jobs in Jasper, and finding jobs in Canmore. They offer a pretty good rundown of what you’ll need to know.
The main places that people who are coming here for their first time to work seem to gravitate to are the ski resorts and the national parks. It makes sense, as these are large organizations, that offer a wide variety of different jobs, and have a lot of seasonal work that opens up each year.
Here’s a source on jobs in Jasper National Park, and another with jobs in Banff National Park. There’s also info on working for Banff ski resorts and jobs at Jasper ski resorts.
So that should get you started. Feel free to leave comments if you want some more info on jobs in the Canadian Rockies. Hope to see you soon.

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