Jasper Wildlife Photography Workshop

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As the Jasper wildlife season begins in earnest this June, it seems a perfect time to announce a new Jasper wildlife photography workshop that I will be offering this fall and again this winter in Jasper National Park.

Bull elk in the wildlife photography workshop

Bugling Bull Elk, Jasper Wildlife Photography Workshop

Fall and winter are amazing times to photograph wildlife in Jasper, as the crowds disperse and the wildlife becomes more and more active.

Bighorn Sheep Rams, Jasper National Park

The workshop will feature 5 days in Jasper photographing elk, bighorn sheep, coyotes, deer, moose, and even more rare wildlife like wolves and bears, if we get lucky.  There will be extensive field instruction as well as some seminar-style sessions if time permits.  And while wildlife will be our primary focus, we will also be photographing at least one or two sunrises or sunsets and other general nature and taking advantage of our spectacular mountain surroundings.

Maligne Lake at sunset, Jasper Nature Photography Workshop

For more information or to book your spot in October or February, please visit my website at Canadian Wildlife Photography Tours.

In other news, the bears are out in full force in both Banff and Jasper as of June 2nd.  Maligne Lake Road in Jasper has been particularly good of late.  And both elk and moose have started calving, so for those of you visiting the mountain parks in the next few weeks, watch for some great photo opportunities in places like the Vermilion Lakes in Banff and around the Jasper Park Lodge in Jasper.

Happy shooting!


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