Canadian Rockies Camping Q&A: Fees

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Camping in the Canadian Rockies is certainly one of the best experiences you can have on a vacation here.
Feel free to write us with any questions you may have about camping in the Canadian Rockies.
Question from Michele S.

Is the rate on the campgrounds shown on
the website, per person or per campsite?

Camping in the Canadian Rockies is about as close to paradise as you could get.

Michele is probably referring to the rates you’ll find on our Banff Camping page. You can also find more info on Canadian Rockies camping at this this Jasper Camping page.
The answer is that prices are per campsite, not per camper in both Banff National Park and Jasper National Park, except at the Marmot and Whirlpool/Ranger Creek campgrounds in Jasper, where the prices are, respectively, $5.80 per person and $4.90 per person.
Thanks for the question! Hope this info helps.

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