Hiking Canmore: The Easy Way

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Being a mountain man, you can probably guess what my favorite Canadian Rockies activity is. Yep, that’s right, hiking. What better way to enjoy the quiet beauty of one of the world’s best outdoor vacation spots than on your own two feet? And if you’re looking to take a hike, Canmore, Alberta is one of the best places in the Rockies.

Find some nice easy hikes near the town of Canmore.

Canmore sits right on the edge of both Banff National Park and the amazing Kananaskis Country, offering excellent mountain views, rivers, lakes and wildlife watching to keep the hikes interesting. After you’ve gotten a good walk in, come back to town for cozy lodging, restaurants, and Canmore pubs. To get a quick view of this area, check out the Canmore Webcam.
And now, without further babbling, here are the mountain man approved easy hikes in the Canmore area.

Policeman’s Creek — This is more of a stroll through town than a hike. But whatever you call it, it’s fun. Pass historic buildings and duck ponds, maybe pop into a cafe for a drink. It’s a relaxing walk combining the town charm with surrounding nature. Great way to get out if you’ve only got a short time.
Grotto Canyon — If you love waterfalls and rivers , you’ll enjoy the hike along Grotto Canyon. The hike starts with a trickling runoff and builds to an nice waterfall  at the trail’s end. There are also pictographs left by natives to the area. Many of these images have been worn away by from fingerprints and climbers.
No. 1 Minesite — This is a mellow and short walk through the area’s historic No. 1 mining site. It’s fun, quick, and exciting for those looking to go back in time. A further walk will bring hikers to waterfalls and cold sulphur springs Canmore is known for.
Riverside Loop — Another mosey through Canmore beside the Bow River, this loop is a scenic waltz in and around town. Park downtown or on River Road and enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of Canmore’s nature and beauty.

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