Inspiration Found at Lake Louise, Alberta

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Lake Louise in the Winter, Alberta

Summer or winter, Lake Louise, Alberta has Natural Beauty that Cannot be Ignored.

It is incredible that millions of visitors come every year to visit the remote area of Lake Louise. At any time of year, walking around Lake Louise is inspiring. While we were walking back to this famous hotel, the Fairmont Lake Louise, my eyes caught the reflection of the hotel shining in the water.
While many visit, only few live there, perhaps a thousand. The main community has what most communities have: a quaint shopping mall that has a bakery, a deli and some restaurants. Rafting in Jasper is a popular activity for visitors, and it’s not too far away. In the winter, backcountry skiing in Banff is available for those who like adventure. But it’s the beauty of the scenery that keeps people coming back–makes one wonder why so few choose to stay.

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