Experience the Mystical Hoodoos Trail, Field, BC

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Hoodoos Trail, Field

Climb the Hoodoos Trail in Field, BC

The Hoodoos trail is a great hike located just outside of Field, BC. The highlights at the end of the trail are the mystical pillars of rock, which are just a short hike away. The hoodoos are remarkable due to the various formations of rock, which seem like a work of art.
The trail itself can be steep at times, so watch your step. It starts in the Hoodoo Creek Campground and the total hike is 1.6km. Worth it to see the the pillars, which are actually glacial debris. Amazing to think that something like this could be formed by water, no?
When you’re done hiking, consider taking a whitewater rafting trip on the Kicking Horse River. Nearby in Jasper, wilderness discovery tours are available if you’re up for a hike that involves some wildlife sightseeing!

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