Hiking the Johnston Canyon in Banff National Park

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Johnston Canyon Hike, Banff National Park

Ink Pots at the Johnston Canyon, Banff National Park

This hike is connected to Johnston Canyon, which is set in a pretty location within Banff National Park. The colourful small pond–known as an Ink Pot–is the point of interest for the picture I shot. If you look closely, you will notice a captivating big flat rock.
Johnston Creek actually empties into the Bow River, between Banff and Lake Louise. Throughout the creek’s lifespan, it has cut through the local limestone, creating pools like the one pictured.
There are other hikes in Banff National Park, including Heli-hiking, where there are five different hikes to choose from. Hiking trails in Banff and other mountaineering opportunities that don’t involve getting in a helicopter are also available.

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