Whitewater Rafting the Kananaskis River in Alberta

Kananaskis River in Alberta, Canada
Kananaskis River in Alberta, Canada

The Kananaskis is deal for beginners, but still has enough thrills to keep experienced rafters engaged.

ALBERTA – Canada – Ideal for beginners, but with enough thrills to keep even experienced rafters engaged, the Kananaskis River is the perfect family-friendly option for rafting in Alberta, Canada.

Expect Class II and III level rapids on this dam-controlled river (meaning the water levels are predictable). Whether you’re a beginner looking for the right place to try whitewater rafting, or are looking for an outdoor activity the whole family can enjoy, the Kananaskis River is the perfect choice for your next Canadian Rockies vacation.

More About the Kananaskis River in Alberta, Canada

The Kananaskis River stretches over 74 kms. The ominously-named first rapid, the Widow Maker, is a class III pool drop known for being turbulent. If you’re looking to start off on calmer waters, it’s easy to begin your whitewater rafting adventure below this section of the river. Further on, rafters encounter several other sections, including man-made eddies, waves, and holes for playboating.

Whitewater Festival on the Kananaskis River in Alberta, Canada

Along the banks of the river sits the Canoe Meadows site, home to the popular Kananaskis Whitewater Festival nicknamed Kanfest, which takes place each August. Kanfest attracts both beginners and experts for a weekend filled with kayaking on the Kananaskis.

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