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To fly in or to fly gear to Assiniboine see CAMPER HELICOPTER RESERVATIONS


NOTE - The Hind Hut is a Climbers Hut and is accessed by climbing a steep headwall on narrow and exposed ledges (Gmoser's Highway) - climbing experience is required and hard hats are recommended. The Headwall is not a hiking trail. Do not go up the snow gulley- there is a waterfall underneath!

YOU MUST check in at Mount Assiniboine Lodge before going up to the Hind Hut. Check out at Assiniboine Lodge when you return from your climb.

Hind Hut Accommodation Cost

 $20.00 per person per night
(reservation fee & GST included)

To Make a Reservation for the Hind Hut Contact:

Mount Assiniboine Lodge Box 8128, Canmore, AB, CANADA T1W 2T8

Office & Reservations Manager- Sandy Wing

8:30 am-2:30 pm Mon-Fri Mountain Time
Tel: 403 678-2883
Fax (403)678-4877

Cost for the Hind Hut: $20.00 per person per night-
(reservation fee & GST included)

If you do not make a reservation for the Hind Hut there might not be space available when you arrive. Other climbers with reservations might kick you out of the Hut. There is no camping allowed outside the Hut.  Please pay the Hut fees at Assiniboine if you have not reserved in advance. You must also register at Assiniboine Lodge when you arrive in the Park.

Hind Hut Description
The Hind Hut was built by the Alpine Club of Canada for B.C. Parks in 1971. The hut is a one room pre-fabricated arch-style building (16 x 20 feet). The Hind Hut sleeps 12-15 climbers.

The hut is supplied with mattresses, a table and benches, and a two-burner propane stove (for cooking only). The hut is also supplied with dishes and cutlery for 15 climbers.There is an outhouse close by as well as potable water. 

Check the Banff weather forecast before leaving on your trip. There is a two-way radio at the Hut for contact with Assiniboine Lodge for weather forecasts and in case of an emergency on Mount Assiniboine.

Climbers often come down from the Hind Hut early. Bring a tent, gas stove, and pots and dishes in the event that you come down early as there is often no room at the Naiset Huts and you will have to camp at the Magog Campground.  You can store extra gear (ie. tent etc) at Assiniboine Lodge so that you do not have to carry this extra gear up the Headwall.

The Hind Hut is maintained and supplied by Mount Assiniboine Lodge at great expense. Propane must be flown to the Hut, and the outhouse tanks are flown out. Please keep the Hut clean and carry out your garbage.

Mountain Guides and Commercial Groups are required to have a Park Use Permit to climb.  Contact the Ministry of Environment (B.C. Parks) at (250 489-8540)

Booking Conditions for making Hind Hut Reservations

Bookings will not be accepted unless they are paid in full by Visa, MasterCard or Money Order at the time the reservation is made. We do not accept personal cheques.

Payment is taken as Agreement to the following terms:

  1. We do not send out receipts. Confirmation of your payment will appear on your monthly credit card statement (deposits payable to Mount Assiniboine Lodge Ltd). If you pay by money order your flimsy copy is your receipt.
  2. Fees for the Hind Hut are non-refundable in the event of cancellation
  3. Fees for the Hind Hut are not transferable (i.e. If you want to change the booking dates)

Information Needed When Making Reservations

  • Name, address and phone number of the Group Leader
  • Number of members in the group
  • Names, addresses and phone numbers of members of the group
  • Outside contact number in the event of an emergency
  • The dates you want to make a reservation
  • a valid Visa or Mastercard number to pay for the reservation in full.
  • a valid Visa or Mastercard number to pay for helicopter costs if you are making a helicopter reservation at this time (see Camper Helicopter Reservations)
  • If you are hiking in to the Hind Hut which route you will take into Assiniboine Provincial Park (see Maps, Hiking and Skiing Access Routes)

Use of the Hind Hut is at your own risk.

  • Familiarize yourself with the location of the fire extinguishers and emergency exits
  • Candles and gas stoves are not allowed in the hut. If you are cooking with your own gas stove - cook outside the hut. Store gas outside the Hut
  • There is no smoking allowed in the hut
  • No dogs are allowed at the Hind Hut
  • Bring your own sleeping bag, headlamp, hardhat, ice axe, crampons, climbing ropes and aids, first aid, food, thermos, and toilet paper .
  • Do not leave any left-over food in the cabin- leftovers attract rodents. Pack left-over food out
  • Leave the dishes clean for the next group.
  • Sweep the hut before you leave.
  • Make sure the propane stove is turned off when you leave
  • Make sure the doors and windows are closed when you leave.

Climbing Mount Assiniboine 11,844 feet /3,610 meters

  • Mount Assiniboine is a climb for experienced mountaineers. The upper ridge on the climb is very exposed and there is a lot of rockfall on the mountain at all times
  • Solo climbing is not recommended
  • Bring the necessary equipment- hard hats, ropes, ice axe, crampons, proper clothing
  • Be prepared for snow and ice on Mount Assiniboine at any time during the summer. The mountain is usually only in shape for 1-2 weeks per summer and there are often summer snow storms
  • Check the five-day weather forecast before starting your climb
  • Ask the professional guide (Sepp Renner- U.I.A.G.M Mountain Guide) at Assiniboine Lodge about climbing conditions
  • Make sure you have registered out at Assiniboine Lodge
  • Be prepared to initiate your own self-rescue
  • Start your trip early in the day (5-6 am) so that you can complete the climb during daylight hours. Bad weather oftens comes into the valley in the afternoon
  • Keep your group together- don't abandon your weakest members
  • By noon, you should be turning around if you have not reached the summit.
  • Turn back if conditions are bad
  • Check out at Assiniboine Lodge when you come off the climb