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Winter and Summer- 2009

To fly in or to fly gear to Assiniboine see- CAMPER HELICOPTER RESERVATIONS




$20.00 PER PERSON PER NIGHT (reservation fee & GST included)-if there are children under the age of 12 years the children are free, or

$35.00 PER FAMILY PER NIGHT (reservation fee & GST included), a single family group of 3 or more-(parents plus young or unmarried children living in the same house)

You must make a Winter reservation for the Naiset Huts.

It is recommended that you make a Summer Reservation in advance for the Naiset Huts. If you do not have a reservation for the Naiset Huts in the summer, check with the Custodian to see if there is drop-in space available. Bring a tent in case the huts are full.

Additional Conditions

Length of Stay
Occupancy is limited to 7 consecutive days and a maximum of 14 days in any one year.

Check-In, Check-Out Time
11:00 am

Reservations on Long Weekends
If you are booking the Naiset Huts on a statuatory long weekend, you will be required to reserve a minimum of 3 nights (Friday, Saturday and Sunday night). For Winter 2009, the Long weekends are Family Day (February 13, 14, 15) and Easter (April 10, 11, 12).Long weekends for Summer 2009 are: BC Day (July 31, August 1, 2)), Labour Day (September 4,5,6).

Commercial groups

  • If you are guiding a commercial group, your are required to apply for a Park Use Permit from the Ministry of Environment (BC Parks- contact 250 489-8540, fax 250 489-8506) 


Booking Conditions for making Winter and Summer Reservations at the Naiset Huts

Bookings will not be accepted unless they are paid in full by Visa, MasterCard or Money Order at the time the reservation is made. We do not accept personal cheques.

Payment is taken as Agreement to the following terms:

  1. We do not send out receipts. Confirmation of your payment will appear on your monthly credit card statement (deposits payable to Mount Assiniboine Lodge Ltd). If you pay by money order your flimsy copy is your receipt.
  2. Fees for the Naiset Huts are non-refundable in the event of cancellation
  3. Fees for the Naiset Huts are not transferable (i.e. If you want to change the booking dates)

To Make  Naiset Hut Reservations Contact:

Tel: (403) 678-2883
Office & Reservations Manager- Sandy Wing
8:30 am-2:30 p.m. Mon-Fri Mountain Time
Fax: (403) 678-4877

Mount Assiniboine Lodge Box 8128, Canmore, AB, Canada, T1W 2T8

Email: info@assiniboinelodge.com
Website: www.assiniboinelodge.com

Information Needed When Making Reservations

  • Name, address and phone number of the Group Leader
  • Number of members in the group
  • Names, addresses and phone numbers of members of the group
  • The dates you want to make a reservation
  • a valid Visa or Mastercard number to pay for the Naiset Hut Reservation in full.
  • a valid Visa or Mastercard number to pay for helicopter costs in full if you are making a helicopter reservation at this time (see Camper Helicopter Reservations)
  • If you are skiing into and out of the Park which route you will take
  • If you are hiking in to the Naiset Huts which route you will take into Assiniboine Provincial Park.


The Canadian Avalanche Association Level 1 or Level 2 Avalanche Awareness Course taught by certified technicians or mountain guides, C.P.R. training (cardio pulmonary resuscitation)

-each person in your group should carry avalanche transceivers, a sturdy collapsible shovel, a collapsible probe or ski poles that can be used as probes


Preventative Measures

  • Be thoroughly familiar with and practice avalanche rescue procedures & avalanche transceiver exercises. Check the current avalanche and snow conditions forecast (http://www.avalanche.ca ) before your trip
  • Check the local Environment Canada weather forecasts before you start your trip.
  • Remember the weather is more extreme  at elevation (ie. at Assiniboine)
  • Be prepared to initiate your own self-rescue (i.e. Avalanche, missing person)
  • Ski in a group of no less than three people
  • Start your trip early in the day so that you have lots of time to make it to your destination
  • Keep the group together- donít abandon the weakest members of your group
  • Ask the professional guides at Assiniboine Lodge about snow conditions
  • Check the avalanche forecast information supplied by the
    Canadian Avalanche Association and Assiniboine Lodge
  • Check the weather forecast information supplied by Assiniboine Lodge
  • Ski conservative terrain that is not too steep- the Rocky Mountain snow pack is shallow and more unstable than the snow pack in the interior of British Columbia
  • Avoid terrain traps




Naiset Hut Description

The Naiset Huts were built by the Alpine Club of Canada in 1925. These are basic, rustic one-room huts for camping that are approximately 3x4 metres in size (9x12 feet-much like old trapper cabins).

The Naiset Huts are a self-sufficient accommodation option in Assiniboine Provincial Park. Come prepared with adequate equipment and knowledge of the backcountry environment to make your stay safe and enjoyable. Assiniboine Lodge is a five-minute walk from the Naiset Huts. Lodge guests have opted to pay more for full-service and privacy while you have chosen the less-expensive hostel option. Please respect the rights and privacy of Mount Assiniboine Lodge and its guests.


BC Parks finished construction of a new Cookshelter at the Naiset Huts in the fall of 2006. This log shelter will be used for communal cooking and will provide a common area for Naiset Hut Visitors. During the winter the shelter will be open December 28-January 2, 2009, February 8-April 12, 2009.  When Assiniboine Lodge is closed between seasons the Naiset Cookshelter will be locked but the huts are always open. In the summer the Cookshelter will be open from early June until mid-October. Campers must bring their own dishes and pots for cooking.

         The Naiset Hut Custodian

A custodian  from Assiniboine Lodge will be stationed at the B.C. Parks Ranger Cabin during the summer months. A staff member from Assiniboine Lodge will come to the Naiset Huts to do maintenance in the winter.

          Sleeping Arrangements and Number of People Per Naiset Hut

The Naiset huts have rustic plywood double bed bunks as well as single bed bunks supplied with camping mattresses. Bring your own sleeping bag, cooking pots, and dishes. The huts hold 5-8 people per unit. Come prepared to share your space with other Park Visitors. Avoid weekends if you want more space. We can tell you how crowded the huts are at any given time.

Camping Equipment

 Bring your own sleeping bag, food, dish cloth, pots, dishes, matches, garbage bag to pack garbage out, toilet paper for the Naiset Huts.

Dogs-Please leave your dogs at home.  There are no dogs allowed in the huts (with the exception of seeing-eye dogs). Dogs must be on a leash at all times, and owners must clean up after them. Do not allow your dog to defecate or urinate near water sources.

Risk- Use of the Naiset Huts is at your own risk. Follow the hut rules to reduce fire risk. Familiarize yourself with the location of the fire extinguishers and emergency exits.The doors of the Naiset Huts are very low. Be careful not to bang you head!

Smoking- There is no smoking allowed in the huts

Lighting- Bring headlamps or flashlights. Gas lights and candles are not allowed in the huts

Cooking- If you have a small gas stove you must cook outside the Naiset Hut. Cookshelter. The gas stoves must be filled outside the Cookshelter . If you come to the Park when Assiniboine Lodge is closed the Cookshelter will be locked.  All cooking with gas stoves must occur outside the Naiset Huts that are used for sleeping. Store stove fuel outside the hut.

Heating- There is a small wood heater in each Naiset hut. You can purchase presto logs from Assiniboine Lodge ($6.00 per log). Budget 1 log per person/per day.

Water- Water for the Naiset huts is located 50 meters from the huts near Ranger Headquarters in the winter. There is a summer water tap between the huts as well as potable water in the Cookshelter. BC Parks suggests that all water consumed should be boiled.

 Greywater- Dispose of strained greywater in the Cookshelter sink. Collect your solid foodwaste and carry it out with your garbage. Use the Cookshelter to wash dishes. Scrape dishes thoroughly and collect solid foodwaste and carry it out with your garbage.

Food Storage- Use the metal storage bins for your food. Make sure you clean out the storage bin when you leave- pack out your garbage.

Left-Over Food- Do not leave any left-over food in the cabins or the Cookshelter- leftovers attract rodents and people will not use this food as they do not know how old it is. If you have usuable extra dry food that is wrapped, give it to the Lodge Custodian. He will make sure it gets stored properly and will pass it on to campers who need it.

Garbage-Pack out all your garbage, including bottles and containers

Toilets- Please use the outhouses. Please keep the snow white around the huts in the winter by using the outhouses.

Cleaning the Huts- Please sweep out the hut thoroughly and wipe the tables at the end of your trip. Leave the huts tidy for the next group. Make sure the door is closed tight when you leave.

Cleaning the Cookshelter- Please leave your boots in the entryway of the Cookshelter. Sweep the Cookshelter thoroughly when you leave and mop the floor. Wipe down the counters and tables after you have used them. PLEASE CONSERVE HEAT- ONLY USE THE PROPANE HEATER AND LIGHTS WHEN YOU ARE IN THE BUILDING. TURN THE LIGHTS AND HEATER OFF WHEN YOU ARE NOT IN THE BUILDING.




Services for Campers at Mount Assiniboine Lodge
Park Information, Helicopter Information for Flight Availability and Flying Gear
Trail Conditions, Weather, Snow and Avalanche Forecasts
Climbing Information
First Aid
B.C. Fishing Licenses are sold at the lodge (cash only).
Presto firelogs for the Naiset Huts are sold at the lodge ($6.00 each).
Daily tea is served in the dining room of the lodge for campers from 4:00 to 5:00 pm.- $8.00 per person (tea, lemonade and cakes).