Mount Assiniboine Lodge
Contact and Reservations- 2009

For further information, or to make a booking, please contact us at the following address. If you are planning to visit us, please check the Access Maps and read the Assiniboine Lodge Information Sheet :

Andre, Sepp and Barb Renner
Box 8128
Canmore, Alberta
T1W 2T8 Canada

Tel: (403) 678-2883
(Reservations- Sandy Wing-
8:30am to 2:30 p.m. Mon to Fri Mountain Time)

Fax: (403) 678-4877


2009 Booking Conditions for Winter and Summer Assiniboine Lodge Reservation

Payment Terms

We accept personal and company cheques in Canadian dollars only. We also accept Mastercard and Visa credit cards. Your verbal authorization of the use of your card indicates your compliance with our booking conditions and confirms your reservations whether or not you have actually signed the appropriate draft. Credit card payments will be processed in Canadian funds, based on the bank exchange rate the day the payment is processed.


Prices are subject to change without notice.

Fuel Surcharge: We reserve the right to charge a fuel surcharge if fuel prices affect supplier rates charged to our Lodge.


Deposit Schedules
If initial deposit is not received by the due date as outlined below, your space will be resold. $200.00 Cdn per person, of the initial deposit is non-refundable.

Two night bookings
The full payment is required to confirm booking. Payment is due within 30 days of invoice date.

For bookings longer than two nights
A deposit of $500.00 Cdn per person is required to confirm your booking. Deposit is due within 30 days of invoice date.
Final payment is due 10 weeks prior to your trip date.

Late Bookings
Bookings made 10-6 weeks prior to the trip date: Full payment is due immediately upon receipt of invoice. Bookings made within 6 weeks of trip date: Full payment is due at the time of booking (by credit card).

Accommodation Cancellation Policy
Cancellations will be accepted in writing or by phone. Charges will be based on the date the cancellation notice is received.

Accommodation Cancellations:

$200 Cdn per person of the first deposit is non-refundable, no matter when the cancellation is received. .

Less than 10 weeks cancellation notice: the full amount is non-refundable, if the space cannot be resold. If you, or Assiniboine Lodge can find a matching replacement, then $200.00 Cdn per person is non-refundable. If you cancel and have not made final payment, Assiniboine Lodge will invoice you for the final amount if the space cannot be resold.

Dates are non-transferable in the event of a cancellation.
There are no refunds for trips already in progress.
We are not responsible for delays or cancellations due to poor access conditions:  airline flight cancellations, poor roads, restrictions on trail access, or weather.

Helicopter Cancellations

More than 10 weeks notice: no charge
From 10 weeks to 48 hours notice: $20.00 per person booking fee applies
Less than 48 hours notice: full charges apply

Medical Insurance

You should carry proper insurance in the event that you must cancel due to an accident or illness.
You will be responsible for the cost of helicopter evacuation should it be necessary. We recommend that you carry insurance to cover hospital expenses and helicopter evacuation costs. The lodge has a radio/telephone system with access to rescue services and the outside world. The lodge guides carry rescue equipment and radios on guided trips.


You may be required to sign a waiver. Assiniboine Lodge reserves the right to cancel reservations of guests who do not sign and return waivers if we are required to use them.


Winter and Summer Information Sheet
For Mount Assiniboine Lodge Guests

Andre, Sepp and Barb Renner, Mount Assiniboine Lodge, Box 8128, Canmore, Alberta, Canada, T1W 2T8
Phone: (403) 678-2883 (Sandy Wing - Office and Reservation Manager)
Fax: (403) 678-4877 E-mail:

Winter Equipment List
30 lb. limit (15 kg)

Casual dress code

Summer Equipment List
30 lb. limit (15 kg)

Casual dress code

Thermal underwear (tops & bottoms) Light thermal underwear (tops & bottoms)
3 pairs wool socks 3 pairs wool socks
Suitable long warm pants (wool/corduroy, ski pants) Comfortable pants for hiking (not blue jeans)
Wind-proof over-pants Wind-proof over-pants
Bathing suit for sauna (optional) Bathing suit
2 cotton, wool or flannel shirts, or turtlenecks 1 short-sleeved cotton shirt
Wool scarf or neck tube (Feb/Mar) 1 long-sleeved cotton, flannel or wool shirt
1 heavy wool sweater or pile jacket (polar fleece) 1 heavy wool sweater or pile jacket (polar fleece)
Good windproof jacket with hood (winter jacket) Waterproof and windproof rain jacket with hood
Wool or polar fleece hat Wool or polar fleece hat
Knee-high gaiters for ski boots or insulated over-boots (Feb/Mar) Sun hat
2 pairs wool or insulated mitts (good winter mitts) 1 pair wool mitts or light warm gloves
Windproof nylon covers for woolen mitts Shorts
Good sunglasses with UV protection (side covers optional) Good sunglasses
Ski goggles (optional) SMALL DAYPACK
Inside shoes (running shoes) Inside shoes (running shoes)
SMALL DAYPACK Fishing rod (in protective case) & tackle if you fish
Thermos or water bottle Water bottle or thermos
Camp knife (optional) Camp knife (optional)
Camera and film (extra bateries for camera) Camera and film (extra bateries for camera)
Sun block lotion & lip protector (SPF 15 or 30) Sun block (SPF 15 or 30)
Personal toiletries-toothbrush, shampoo etc Personal toiletries-toothbrush, shampoo etc

First Aid Kit & matches (if you hike in or out)
  Mosquito Repellent (July and early August)

Ski Equipment If You Bring Your Own

We do not have good snowboard terrain at Assiniboine

Telemark ski boots or sturdy ski-touring boots for lighter skis
1st choice for skis: Metal-edged telemark, ski-touring skis or
Light mountaineering skis
2nd choice for skis: light touring skis (not track skis)
Ski Poles
Straps to tie skis together- Do Not Bring Ski Bags
Ski waxes-blue, special blue, purple & special purple
Climbing skins (if you ski in or out)
First Aid Kit & matches (if you ski in or out)
Extra binding parts & tools (if you ski in or out)


Ski Equipment Rentals are available at Assiniboine Lodge:
Phone our office, in advance, to reserve SKI RENTALS

We have Telemark skis, boots and poles (boot sizes from 5 Ladies to 13 Men’s). Rental rates (skis, boots, poles- $37.00 per day- includes GST)

Rental skis are not available to ski out to Mount Shark.

Equipment Supplied to Lodge Guests at NO CHARGE while at the Lodge:

Avalanche Transceivers & Climbing Skins

Other Considerations:


  • Liquor License- we have a wine and beer license for the Dining Room.
  • Fishing Licenses- We sell B.C. Fishing Licences at the Lodge
  • Pets- Pets are not allowed. Please leave your pets at home.
  • Smoking- There is no smoking allowed in the Lodge or Cabins
  • Bedding-All bedding and towels are supplied at the Lodge. We have goosedown duvets.
  • Severe Food Allergies & Special Diets due to health problems- Let us know your needs in advance
  • Charging Batteries for Video Cameras-we have an electrical plug in the kitchen. Make sure you bring extra batteries for your camera!
  • Winter Weather- from –30 to Chinook weather (+10 Celsius or warmer)
    (-20 F to +45 F)
  • Summer Weather- from –8 to +25 Celsius- (20 F freezing +80 F) - come prepared for sun, rain, or snow!
  • Contacting the Lodge Directly (mid-Feb to mid-April, and mid-June to early Oct. )- call 1 403 705-8781. 
  • Topographical Maps- Mount Assiniboine 82 J/13, Banff 82 O/4
  • GPS Location- Assiniboine Lodge coordinates- 5054.568N, 11537.079W
  • Distances- Mount Shark-Assiniboine Pass-Assiniboine Lodge- 28 km (17 miles) 520 meter gain (1700 ft)
  • Mount Shark-Wonder Pass-Assiniboine Lodge- 28 km (17 miles) 580 meter gain (1900 ft)-Not a winter route
  • Sunshine Village-Citadel Pass-Assiniboine Lodge-38.5 km (26 miles-strenuous)-Not a recommended winter route

Maps - Hiking and Skiing Access Routes

If You are Staying Overnight in Banff National Park in the Backcountry- Contact the Parks Canada Office for permit rates for the Bryant Creek Shelter and rates for camping in Banff National Park (403 762-1550)


If you are Coming from Far Away - Plan your trip so that you arrive in Calgary, Canmore or Banff the day before your trip to Assiniboine. Canmore & Banff have good hotels and motels, lodges, inns, and bed & breakfasts.

Travel Time from the Calgary Airport to the Mount Shark Heliport: Count on 4 hours to make the Calgary-Canmore-Mt. Shark Connection. We suggest that you rent a car at the Calgary Airport. There are also regular-shuttle bus services between the Calgary Airport and Canmore and Banff. Call Rocky Mountain Sky Shuttle (403)762-5200, Banff Airporter (403) 762-3330.


Luggage Restrictions:

Space is very limited on the 6 passenger helicopter. You are allowed 30 lbs. per person (15 kg). If your bags are overweight there might be a $2.00 per pound overcharge which will automatically be charged to your credit card. Wear your bulky winter clothing on the helicopter to eliminate trying to fit these items into your small duffel (12"x 20"x12") or soft internal-frame pack. DO NOT BRING SUITCASES. ONE PAIR OF SKIS PER PERSON ALLOWED. Do Not Bring Ski Bags- they don’t fit in the helicopter rack. You might be able to store your extra travel gear that you do not need for Assiniboine at your hotel in town - otherwise we can store it for you - ask our office.

Tying your skis for the flight:

Place the skis together and loop the ski strap from each pole over the ski tips. Twist the two poles together, tightening the wrist straps, then secure the poles to the skis with ski straps or strapping tape. (We will have tape available at the Mount Shark Heliport).


Flying in gear if you are hiking or skiing into Assiniboine- Cost  $2.00 per pound/ each way.

Drop your gear off before 9:00 am at Alpine Helicopters in Canmore (on the eastern access into Canmore- just off the Trans-Canada Highway). Go into the log building to get luggage tags for bags flying in. Each bag must be tagged or it will not be picked up. PUT YOUR NAME ON THE LUGGAGE TAG. Drop the luggage to be flown into the Lodge at the Assiniboine Lodge bin by the grey building. Our driver will make sure that the bags are picked up and flown into the lodge. The bags will be weighed at the Lodge. You can pay for flying gear at the Lodge. NO SUITCASES PLEASE. Medium-size duffel bags (i.e. 12"x20"x12") and internal soft-frame packs fit best in the helicopter.

If You Need a Ride to the Mount Shark Heliport: Contact us in advance. Our driver sometimes has room to drive 2-3 people to Mount Shark - $15.00 per person/each way. You may have to take a taxi if there is no driver or space available.


11:30 am check-in time at the Mount Shark Heliport, on SUNDAYS, WEDNESDAYS, AND FRIDAYS. On long weekends the flight days will be on Fridays and Mondays. Please have lunch before flying into the Lodge. If you are booked on the Canmore flight, please check in at the Canmore Municipal Heliport (Alpine Helicopters) by 11:00 am. Please check your lodge receipt for directions to the Canmore Heliport.

Getting to the Mount Shark Heliport (See Map):

Located 41.3 km West of Canmore, Alberta. This is a 1 hour drive from Canmore, a 1.5 hour drive from Banff, a 2.5-3 hour drive from Calgary. Drive to Canmore. Drive West through town following the Spray Lakes signs and Canmore Nordic Center signs. Drive past the Canmore Nordic Centre, up the steep hill on the Smith-Dorrien Road through Kananaskis Country. This is a good gravel road. You will be on the left side of the Spray Lakes. At 34.4 km you will see the Buller Mountain sign. Turn right at the Mount Shark/Mount Engadine Lodge sign which is about 5 minutes past the Buller Mountain turn-off (you will see a bridge on your right before the turn-off.) Drive 5 km to the Mount Shark Heliport (on your left). Park your car in the parking lot. DO NOT LEAVE MONEY OR CREDIT CARDS IN YOUR CAR! You will need to carry your bags 200 metres down the road to the Helicopter Landing Pad (north of the parking lot).


If you are driving from Calgary you can connect with the Smith-Dorrien Road via The Kananaskis Trail (paved road except the last section to Mount Shark- a 2.5-3 hour drive from the Calgary Airport). The turn-off for the Kananaskis Trail/Nakiska is one hour West of Calgary on the Morley Indian Reserve. Turn South on the Kananaskis Trail. Before you come to the Lower Kananaskis Lakes, TURN RIGHT TO JOIN THE SMITH-DORRIEN/SPRAY TRAIL. You will see signs for Burstall Lakes and Mud Lake before the Mount Shark/Engadine Lodge sign. If you are not familiar with this route stop at a Kananaskis Information Office for a map.

The Procedure at the Mount Shark Heliport:

11:30 AM. on. Register with our staff at the Helipad (he will check your name off a list). This person will tell you which flight you are on and will give you a helicopter safety orientation talk. You gear will be loaded and unloaded by our staff. You can pick up your gear after the helicopter has left the pad. NEVER APPROACH THE HELICOPTER FROM THE REAR AND NEVER APPROACH THE HELICOPTER WITH YOUR SKIS IN AN UPRIGHT POSITION. Carry your light items (hats, light coats, handbags) with you and be sure to hang onto these items when the helicopter lands. We make every effort to fly you with your bags. If your gear does not arrive with you on your flight you can expect it on one of the next consecutive flights.

The Helicopter Procedure at Assiniboine Lodge

You will be unloaded by Lodge staff. Proceed away from the helicopter as directed by the staff. Wait until the helicopter leaves before picking up your bags. A staff member will meet you at the heliport and will take you to your accommodations.


Drop off your gear at Assiniboine Lodge before 10:00 am on the flight day. Gear will be weighed at the Lodge and each bag must be tagged for the flight out. PUT YOUR NAME ON THE LUGGAGE TAGS. Pay for flying out gear at the Lodge. Your gear will be flown out to Canmore and stored in the Assiniboine Lodge bin by the grey building at Alpine Helicopters.
Gear can be picked up from Alpine Helicopters in Canmore 2:30 p.m. - 6:45 p.m. in the summer, and from 2:30 pm - 5:00 pm in the winter. This bin is locked at night. If you don't pick up your bags by closing time you will have to wait until 7:00 am the next morning.


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