Banff on a Budget – Lunchtime Subway

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Banff, Alberta

Being the local writer of Banff means that you must place all bias aside when it comes to writing reviews. Ordinarily I would try to point you towards great local Rockies’ places to eat such as I have before with Tommy’s and Barpa Bills. However, no longer can I hide the fact that the place I frequent most often is a FRANCHISE. Even typing the word makes me feel dirty. You simply can’t argue with low prices and service and Subway has this in abundance.

Fresh bread, ingrediants and great prices make Subway a must do in Banff.

Fresh bread, ingrediants and great prices make Subway a must do in Banff.

There is no secret about the deals that Subway offers. They advertise them to the point where I am really beginning to believe in advertising. They have a select menu of six subways including my two favourites (meatball and pizza sub) for only $6.29 including tax or $3.29 for a six inch. Ordinarily the main problem I have is that a foot long is always too long and as my ex girlfriend used to say six inches just isn’t enough. There are tons of healthy options to choose from with the warm options particularly popular considering the arctic like temperatures.

The staff is consistently friendly. You can actually tell that they really enjoy working together in the little restaurant and this comes across in their service. I have never made it the counter without a welcome and a smile. Though there are some really great and cheap options for having a bite around this town, Subway is the cheapest, the healthiest and the quickest. There is no tipping necessary and it doesn’t give you that feeling of unsteady fullness that you receive after one to many steak sandwiches. I admit that the reason I finally conceded to promote a franchise was as I handed over $3.29 for a lunchtime sandwich, I was offered a free coffee for no reason whatsoever. In hard times, it’s good to see there are still some big players taking care of the little guys in the Canadian Rockies!

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