Best Hotels of the Canadian Rockies

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Lake Louise Inn

Banff National Park, Alberta

By John McKiernan
Staff Writer

It is a pleasure to write an article about a hotel that finally appeals to everyone. Though it is nice to casually read a review of 5 star hotels, it is also comparable to looking at pictures of models in magazines. It is never going to happen unless you are extremely rich. The need has always been there for a hotel that offers great facilities but room rates that are affordable for anyone looking to take a break in the Canadian Rockies’ jewel of Lake Louise.

Affordable rooms with great views in the Lake Louise Inn.

Affordable rooms with great views in the Lake Louise Inn.

The Lake Louise Inn is refreshing. It is completely unassuming, unpretentious and really does appeal to everyone. Most hotels in Lake Louise can boast a view to die for (the Fairmont Chateaux in particular with its stunning lake view) and the Lake Louise Inn is no exception. Front Office Manager Steve Mossman filled me in on what makes the Lake Louise Inn different. “We have 14 different types of rooms that suit everybody’s budget – everything from beautiful two bedroom suites to lofts that can fit 8 to economy rooms for people looking for a cheap weekend.”

Though the hotel seems relatively small, it has a lot of slightly hidden charms. Aside from the Timberwolf Restaurant’s array of Italian food, there is also the option of eating in Legends restaurant or enjoying a drink in the Explorer Lounge. The peak season is in July and August according to Steve: “It is always busy around the summer and in the winter especially around the World Cup race when there are only 2 hotels open. We have all sorts of specials during the year. Valentines is always big and the ski and stay package is a constant favourite.”

Whether you are working off a tight budget with your family or traveling the Canadian Rockies on business, you should take a look at the Lake Louise Inn. Pool, small gym, hot tubs, steam room and a beautifully quaint tea house are just a few of the things that make this hotel so attractive. Though it may not help you with those models in the magazine, at least you will know what it is like to have the best service at prices that won’t stop the kids from heading to University… where they will put pictures of models on their wall. It’s a viscous cycle of a world!

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