Between Banff and Calgary – Bragg Creek

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Bragging Rights – Stopover between Calgary and the Rockies

Calgary, Alberta

It is only an hour and a bit to get from Calgary to Banff but even so, there is no rush. The Canadian Rockies never really feel real because every wrong turn you make leaves you in a new seemingly untouched wonderland. The big towns like Banff and Jasper take all the headlines but you don’t even need to go that far to get a taste of what exactly everyone is talking about. Bragg Creek is only a matter of minutes from Calgary and it is definitely worth a day trip.

Leave the stresses of city life behind in Bragg Creek.

Leave the stresses of city life behind in Bragg Creek.

Situated on the edge of Kananaskis County amidst the foothills of the Rockies, Bragg Creek is a quaint and mostly rural community. Don’t expect the hustle and bustle of tourist stores such as you might find in Banff. Rather, it is a spread out little town with a host of great restaurants and activities to choose from. As it is only 44km from Calgary, it tends to attract a lot of visitors from the cowboy city who come to get some fresh air, the vibrant arts community and downright stunning scenery.

A popular activity amongst visitors is to pack up some food and have a picnic at Elbow Falls. If you are feeling more energetic, you can tackle one of the hiking routes in summer or so some cross country skiing in winter. The gorgeous Allen Bill Pond is a great spot for fishing when the sun is out or ice skating when Jack Frost has had his evil way! For such a small and beautiful place, it offers so much. Whether you are just stopping off for a few hours on your way to Banff or want to experience a few days of tranquility close to the city, then Bragg Creek is an ideal choice.

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