Mountain Biking – Rental Tips

Rental Tips

  • Make sure your bike is the proper size. Ask the rental shop to show you how a bike should fit and then test ride the bike around the block. Check the brakes and the gears to make sure everything is in working order.
  • Take the complimentary helmets offered by the rental shop (all rental shops offer them). Wear one! It makes no sense to go on a trail or street without one.
  • Ask for a repair kit. Most shops don’t give them with rentals, so if need be, buy a patch kit and pump to repair a flat. If you are unfamiliar with bike repairs, ask the shop to show you how to fix a flat. It’s no fun walking the bike back.
  • Ask the shop for a deal on a multi-day rental if you’re going to be renting for more than one day.

Does of all of this sound like too much trouble? Don’t miss out on a great day of exercise and adventure. Hire a local guide who will take care of all the necessities!