Breakfast in Banff – Melissa’s

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Banff, Alberta

The time was long overdue for me to visit Melissa’s for breakfast in Banff. Too many people have told me how great it is. I have heard that it is the best hangover cure and also that it is the best way to start the day. Well on Sunday, I was searching for a little bit of both as well as simply something delicious. I was not let down by this charming little restaurant.

Melissa's has one of Banff's best restaurants.

Melissa's has one of Banff's best restaurants.

Decorated like a European chalet and adorned with flags from all over the world, Melissa’s has a distinctive feel about it. Its growing popularity is evident by the queue of people at the door waiting for a table. You never have to wait too long as it is a big restaurant and there is a steady flow of people in and out who don’t want to be stuck indoors too long. Within ten minutes, we had a table with coffee, menu and orange juice in front of us.

There is an excellent selection to choose from. If you are not too hungry the simple option of toast is open but if you are planning a day up on the slopes then a huge feast demands to be attacked! I chose Melissa’s Mixed Grill which was composed of two eggs, two sausages, two strips of bacon, hash browns and toast. I have never failed to finish off a breakfast before but this was the closest I have come. The portions really are generous and with the servers constantly filling up your coffee cup, you were never going to starve.

Though there are plenty of choices for dining when it comes to dinner in Banff, breakfast is a different matter. This makes the quality of Melissa’s all the more impressive. It is a good feeling to collapse back out onto the streets of Banff thoroughly full and satisfied ready to take on any activities that come your way…in about 3 hours.

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