Buying Wine in Banff, Alberta

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Wine Not Drop in to the Best Wine Shops in Banff

Banff National Park, Alberta

Banff tends to attract two kinds of people. The first being people with a soft spot… nay passion for fine wine and the other kind is the people who serve them and then buy the cheapest beer in town with their minimum wage. Well, this is for the first category. For such a small town, there are so many liquor and wine stores that it sometimes feels like you are in Ireland. However, if this is your first time in the Canadian Rockies, you may have only noticed the big ‘in your face’ stores. Where do you buy the cheapest Malbec? Where do you find the best selection of desert wine? Which store is closest to your hotel? Read on dear reader.

The glass is always half full in Banff.

The glass is always half full in Banff.

The store that most first comers go to is Liquor World on Wolf Street. It is the biggest in town, the staff are friendly, it as spacious as a reality TV star’s brain and they always have great specials. To answer question one about where to find the cheapest wine in town – this is usually the place to go. It competes with Locals Liquor, hidden away under the Sundance Mall. Though this is the best store for cheap booze in general, its wine collection is not particularly huge.

If you are staying in town, the chances are you are staying very close to a wine store but if you are up in the Fairmont, then there are a few choices. The Authentically Local Wine Store is located in the Banff Springs. They also sporadically have wine tasting and cooking demonstrations. Springs Liquor store is the other handy option for those lucky enough to be staying up in the luxury of the Banff Springs.

The winner overall though for a real wine lover is located on Caribou Street beside Bruno’s. It is well hidden and it almost feels like you are walking into an actual wine cellar as you make your way down. It has a vast, well organized display of wine from all over the world. The staff really knows what they are talking about and can help you choose the right wine for whatever special occasion you may be having. They may even use words such as “has hints of earth”. It always seems like a good time for celebrations in Banff so you may as well celebrate in style!

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