Canmore Accommodations – The Creekside Country Inn

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Quaint Accommodations of Canmore

Canmore, Alberta

The cold snap has officially ended. Well when I say the cold snap has ended, I mean it is now a nice humid 15 degrees below. This was just another reason why I was so impressed and relaxed when I stepped inside one of Canmore’s nicest accommodations – the Creekside Country Inn. Located far enough away from town that it feels like you are in a mountain haven but not far enough away that you are out of the mix; the Creekside is one of the Rockies’ hidden gems.

The stunning Three Sisters of Canmore.

The stunning view of the Three Sisters of Canmore.

Skip, the manager of the hotel is as welcoming a host as you could expect. As soon as you step into the beautifully bright lobby, you feel like you are in a home away from home. The only difference is that this home is immaculate, new and clean and there is no girlfriend shouting at you to tidy the kitchen. The dining room has huge windows where you could sit for hours admiring the snow from the warmth and comfort. The white capped peaks of the Three Sister Mountain Range hover protectively in the distance looking over the beautiful town of Canmore.

My first instinct when I walked into the Creekside was that this seems like the perfect place to stay for a romantic few nights with the significant other in your life when she isn’t shouting from the kitchen. Skip played host to perfection showing me around the flawless rooms which solidified my first instinct but also made me realize, it really is great for anyone. Though it is a small place with only 12 rooms, there is something for the single visitor, the business person and a family. The weekend coming was booked out by an assumedly extended family of 50 for a Christmas party. With a ten person steam room, small gym and relaxing atmosphere, it is easy to picture the place for a wedding or celebration of any kind.

Canmore in general is an underestimated place full of fantastic restaurants, hotels and activities. When it comes to accommodations though, this has got to be one of my favorites. It may not be as luxurious as the Fairmont’s but it has all the amenities and facilities you could want. Every room in the Inn is built with the focus on the window and its light and views. This would be a wonderful place to wake up to a day of skiing. The only reluctance might be stepping back outside into the “humid temperatures” in winter!

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