Early Spring Photography Hotspots for Banff – Johnson Lake

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Five days ago I covered Vermilion Lakes and what a fantastic area it is for an early season landscape and nature photographer visiting Banff National Park because of its’ spectacular reflections and views coupled with early season greenery in the shrubs and trees.  Today, I’ll take a look at another local’s favourite, Johnson Lake, which offers more superb views and landscape opportunities, as well as some great spring wildlife viewing and photography.

The East End of Mt Rundle reflected in Johnson Lake, Banff National Park

My favourite location for scenic photos at Johnson Lake in the spring is an early morning reflection from the trail that runs along the northwest side of the lake (accessed directly from the parking lot at the lake).  This just happens to also take you to the best wildlife viewing location, which is a small lagoon about 250 m from the parking lot on the northwest side.  This lagoon is home to nesting loons and grebes each spring and often has a resident muskrat or two swimming around.  If you go sit by the shore and wait quietly, you often get rewarded with some great photo opps.

Happy shooting!


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