Eating on a Budget in Canmore

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Eating Out on a Budget in Canmore

Canmore, Alberta

Banff is generally not too welcome to franchise businesses though McDonalds, Subway and Starbucks all make an appearance. It is mine and most Canadian’s favourite cafe that we all crave here though. Tim Hortons is refreshing in the respect that you can actually afford to go in and pay less than the typical $75 for a small (or grande) latte. If you are already staying in a pricey Canmore or Banff hotel, you don’t want to be throwing too much money around on overpriced snack food. After a day of hectic activities in the Canadian Rockies, there is nothing as satisfying as a Tim Horton’s feed and coffee.

The stunning sun sets over the Three Sisters Mountain Range is just another perk to staying in Canmore.

Located just off the highway in the entrance to Canmore from Banff, there is plenty of parking and it is also connected to a Wendy’s fast food chain if you are feeling particularly gluttonous. If you have never had the pleasure of a trip to a Tim Horton’s around Canada, then you are in for a treat. There are about ten thousand specials to choose from where you can choose between Pepsi and coffee, soup and donuts, BLT’s and Turkey Club’s – everything is affordable for the normal person. It can be heartbreaking sometimes going into Starbucks for example for a coffee and muffin and paying half your daily wages!

Canmore is only a scenic 20 minute drive from Banff. It is bigger and quite different. There are less tourists and more quaint cafes, cool bars with gorgeous summer verandas. The mountains seem even closer than Banff and the people even friendlier if that is possible. If you are travelling from Calgary for example, you may be sick to death of Tim Horton’s but fear not, there are some superb eateries for snacks such as the Communitea and Beamers. Canmore is a great alternative to rent a hotel room to Banff. There are some great options and the prices are generally a bit lower. You will still be equally close to ski hills and hiking and more importantly – Tim Horton’s!

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