Elk Photography at Vermilion Lakes in Banff National Park

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As we approach the middle of June here in Banff National Park, we approach the heart of elk calving season, a wonderful time to attempt to get some new elk photography shots into your portfolio.  One of my favourite spots to try to photograph newborn elk calves and their attentive mothers is along Vermilion Lakes Drive a few kilometers west of the Town of Banff.

Elk photography along Vermilion Lakes Drive in Banff

Elk photography along Vermilion Lakes Drive in Banff

All three lakes along this drive provide some great opportunities at elk with newborn calves, as well as with bald eagles, ospreys, Canada geese and a host of other bird life.  The best times to try to catch elk along here are in the early mornings and late evenings before traffic picks up.  The Vermilion Lakes area  is also a great location for some landscape photography if you’re so inclined, and is an excellent location for some photography if you have a family in tow.

Note: elk cows (females) are extremely dangerous to approach on foot when they have newborn calves.  Please use a long lens and if you are on foot, then stay at least 100 metres (ten bus lengths) away from all elk along this route in the spring.

Happy shooting!


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