Filming the Canadian Rockies

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How to Film the Canadian Rockies

Banff National Park, Alberta

By John McKiernan
Staff Writer

The Canadian Rockies are more beautiful than a Victoria’s Secret model pouring your favourite beer while your football team thrashes its opponents. Though photos of this great mountain range can be stunning, sometimes it just doesn’t do it justice. In the last few days I have followed Banff cameraman Andrew Frazer around as he shot some of the Rockies’ most awe inspiring footage. Everything from rutting elk fighting to a bald man slipping on the ice, there is no shortage of material to shoot. For those thinking about taking the video camera up to Banff, Andrew has happily given his insight into what to expect.

Scenes to film just out at you in the Canadian Rockies.

Scenes to film just out at you in the Canadian Rockies.

How have you found it shooting videos in the Rockies?

It has been a very enjoyable experience. I have done quite a lot of filming before but up here it makes my job so much easier with such beautiful frames all around me.

Is there anything you have particularly enjoyed filming here around Banff?

Lake Louise was stunning. The weather was absolutely perfect and there was just one canoe gliding across the lake. That sort of thing doesn’t really come across as well in a photograph. I also followed a deer through the woods a few hours from Banff. He wasn’t shy at all and just kept on eating as I followed. They were some really good shots.

Do you think equipment plays an important role in the quality of your footage?

Definitely but having said that, the equipment I have is fairly basic. If you have a high definition camera and tape and you know how to frame a shot, it can really look great. These days, it is possible to get really cheap equipment that will film great stuff.

Cameraman Andrew Frazer - probably best behind the camera!

Cameraman Andrew Frazer - probably best behind the camera!

What is your favourite town in the Canadian Rockies?

I think Banff. The people are so friendly and it really is a pretty little town with pretty little people! I love just filming people walking around. Everybody seems so relaxed up here.

Have you had any run ins with dangerous wildlife?

Not yet. It is strange because I would desperately like to get some close up footage of a Grizzly but on the other hand, I think I would soil my pants if one was standing in front of me! I have filmed a few cougars but I don’t think they knew I was there!

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