Golf the Canadian Rockies

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Best Golf Courses of the Canadian Rockies

Kananaskis, Alberta

Ah! I can almost smell the freshly cut grass of the golf course already. I have always loved playing golf even when it was with a pitching wedge with no grip and with views of council houses and motorways to admire. It almost seems unfair that the Canadian Rockies is blessed with golf courses that have beautifully manicured fairways and greens as well as literally the best views in the world. It is almost like a dream sequence as you watch your ball fly towards snow capped mountains and a deer leaps from the lake. When you rest in your hotel later, it feels surreal. No-where is this scene more poignant and the atmosphere more relaxed than Kananaskis Golf Course.

Golfing the Rockies' is an unforgettable experience.

Located deceivingly close to Banff, the drive itself gives a hint of what’s to come. Situated in the Kananaskis Valley among flourishing forests and a breath taking backdrop, the golf course is perfectly maintained. Even in winter, everything shines with the sun. The clubhouse itself is a lovely little building with big windows to take advantage of the sunlight. Playing a round here is more than just playing a round. It is a real experience. Getting a hole in one would only be the icing on the cake.

Online individual Tee Time reservations will begin at 12pm MST on Monday Feb 22nd. It is a measure of this course that there is a steady flow of people all through the year enquiring about rates and tee times. If you are organising a corporate tour, a stag do or simple a family vacation – Kananaskis Golf Course is a great choice. It has the feel of being in the middle of no-where but it is still a relatively short drive to either Calgary or Banff. The only thing you will have to worry about is your game!

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