Greek Dining in Banff – Barpa Bills

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Barpa Bills of Banff – Bloody Brilliant Burgers

Banff National Park, Alberta

Be honest, have you ever seen more alliteration in a headline? Half the reason I chose to visit Barpa’s was for an excuse to pull out the six pronged alliteration. I also love to say Greek words aloud. Souvlaki. Hidden away beside the Lux Cinema on Bear Street, this little Greek treasure is a Banff secret.

Bundle into Bills for a beautiful bite to eat.

Bundle into Bills for a beautiful bite to eat.

It is not the kind of place that you sit down and stay for hours. Though there are a few basic seats and tables, it is not meant to be a full dining experience. The menu selection is formidable especially for those who love to pronounce Greek words. As well as the renowned and delicious burgers, you can choose from pitas of pork, chicken or lamb with tzatziki, poutine, dolmades and my personal choice the spanakopita.

It is hard to put the deliciousness of my meal into words but as it turns out – that is my job so I better try. Feta and spinach inside a crunchy, crumbling pastry with a healthy lake of tzatziki on the side – that about covers it. Though it wasn’t huge, it felt like there was an orgy in my mouth as the tastes hit my tongue. At $7, it was an absolute bargain. None of the prices managed to venture far past $10.

The dangerous fact that I found out on the way out was that Barpa’s is open until midnight and you can take away any time. Banff has enough temptations without including more delicious food into the mix. If you fancy a quick bite before heading out for a hike or ski, I guarantee you this will set your day off in the right direction…just try to ignore the strange man in the corner mouthing Greek words to himself!

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