Having a Honeymoon in Banff

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Banff National Park, Alberta

I have been to some of the most romantic places in the world, sometimes while sober. The odd time I have even been lucky enough to have a lady with me and some of the time they were not getting paid for accompanying me. However, I really do feel that Banff is the most romantic place I have ever visited. In summer, the colours are so vibrant and animals pop their heads around every corner. In winter, the air is filled with a crisp magic that almost makes you want to get married. This brings me to my point, if you have just been married, you are going to need cheering up and Banff is the perfect place for this.

Heli Hike to celebrate your new marriage.

Heli Hike to celebrate your new marriage.

Different people have different ideas of exactly how to celebrate this big change in their lives. Some couples like to take the opportunity to learn to snowboard with their loved one. Others like the idea of hiking and seeing some of the most stunning places in the world…and possibly having said loved one standing close to the edge of tall cliffs before pre nuptial agreements have been signed. If you really want to try something different, there are a bunch of heli hiking companies that can take you for a ride to remember. It doesn’t necessarily have to be an activity. Simply strolling along the stunning Lake Louise is enough to make the heart sing like a cheesy character from a Disney movie.

Men may have one picture of what they are after in this beautiful mountain range but women will always think about the relaxation side of things. Well by women, I mean the one woman that talked to me (my mother). Hot springs, spas, mud baths, hot stone massages. Places like the Fairmont in Banff and in Lake Louise cater for those who are after a relaxing holiday. If the idea of floating in natural pools with underwater music playing gently appeals to you – then you are normal and also in the right place.

Aside from the million activities on offer, Banff also boasts some of Canada’s finest and most posh hotels. It also has a selection of restaurants that would make Paris jealous if it was possible for inanimate places to be jealous. The Canadian Rockies are healthy, easy to get to and an absolutely perfect place to start your marriage. Make sure to sign pre-nup before hikes though! Don’t forget to take a look at the weather and conditions, and scope out the town with our live Banff web cam.

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