Hiking the Canadian Rockies – The Parker Ridge Trail

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Banff National Park, Alberta

It’s getting very close to the time where hiking is just not a great idea. It is one thing battling against the limits of your body but battling against the wrath of a nature is another thing altogether. The Parker Ridge trail is like winning Olympic gold with the help of steroids. It still feels damn good but you know you don’t deserve it. Considering this is not one of Banff’s most testing hikes, the views are quite phenomenal. I highly recommend this for any non-experienced hikers looking to taste the stunning scenery of the Rockies without going too hardcore.

Enjoy undeserved views from one of the easiest hikes of the Rockies'.

Enjoy undeserved views from one of the easiest hikes of the Rockies'.

The round trip takes about an hour and it is something you can achieve just after waking up or after a heavy dinner. The incline in the slopes is nothing dramatic. It does get steep at times which makes it a little harder when ice is beginning to rear its head on the path. A lot of the time, people hike for the reward of beautiful sights at the end. In this case, there is beauty all the way up. Beautiful trees, flowers and shrubs frame the path. The closer you get to the top, the closer you get to seeing the spectacular scenery of the jagged ice steeped Jasper Mountain range.

The views all round at the top are the kind that make you feel small and unworthy…in a good way…if that’s possible! Whether you are drinking the views in with a loved one (bottle of beer) or enjoying the solitude at the top of the world, you will never want to leave the Canadian Rockies. Well I lie; it is bloody cold up here at the summit at the warmest time of year so you won’t want to hang around for too long! The best part is the car is not far away and all down hill so you can make it make to the warmth and comfort of your hotel in no time!

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