Interview with a Banff Worker

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Interview with a Banff Worker – Stephanie Young

Banff National Park, Alberta

By John McKiernan
Staff Writer

Where are you from Stephanie?

I’m from Kaikoura in New Zealand.

How long have you been in Banff?

Well I got here October 08’ but left for four months to travel UK, Ireland, home for a while and then the US. I’m back now for the winter season.

"Exaggerate your resume. Everyone does it!"

"Exaggerate your resume. Everyone does it!"

What brought you here?

Snowboarding basically, big mountains, just to do “a season”.

Do you like it?

I love it. That’s why I’m back!

How did you find getting employment?

Pretty easy actually. I got a job immediately through the work fair but I had to hang around for a month before it started on the slopes.

Where do you work now?

I’m working selling some of my favorite items in the Liquor Depot on Marten St. and also working as a waitress part time in The Keg.

How do you find the wages?

Really low compared to back home but if you get into the hospitality side of things, it can really be worthwhile. When you take tips into account, it is better paid overall to New Zealand.

What’s your favorite thing about Banff?

The people and also the size of the place. The size of the place really suits me.

What’s your least favorite thing about Banff?

Well, you can get the “Banff Blues”…It is so small here that you get to know everybody and it can sometimes get claustrophobic. It’s good to get out sometimes even if it is to Calgary!

Any Advice for Job Seekers now?

Yep. Lie, lie, lie. Everyone does it. If you don’t, you will get left behind! Also keep harassing them and you will succeed. Don’t tell my boss that I said that though!

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