Quiz Night in Bruno’s of Banff

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Banff National Park, Alberta

Victory is not a word I come across much. I support one of the worlds worst sports teams, there are certain species of feline that can play sport better than me and women tend to see my approaches as something between confusing and plain terrifying. Trivia in Banff – the only place I know everything about – is my only chance to brag and finally it happened on a Sunday night in one of Banff’s little bars with a mighty score of 4/20. If you have never won a quiz before and you happen to be visiting the Canadian Rockies, I recommend Bruno’s.

A lot to think about at quiz night in Bruno's!

A lot to think about at quiz night in Bruno's!

It’s not strange that this quiz was a little strange. Bruno’s is a little strange. I love it in the same way I love my weird friends – it is unpredictable and often cheap. Breakfast in Bruno’s is renowned as one of Banff’s best but lunch and dinner are both equally delicious and the specials are great value. Sunday at 8pm, however is the time when the beautiful Michelle sits up on her table and begins one of the weirder quizzes ever known to man beginning with a round where you had to complete the sentence about strange and old sex laws in America.

Obviously this is not a typical quiz full of brainiacs sipping water and sneakily using their blackberries under the table. There are other pubs like the Paddock on a Thursday night that caters to those looking for more of a challenge. What Bruno’s provided was some light entertainment and some banter to a bar full of hung over people looking to laugh and have a chat in between rounds with jugs of beer on special. Much like one of the ancient American sex questions, it was quick but satisfying. We munched on a Bison Burger, drained our beers and raised our victory scarves (my name for our prizes). They also provided us with a free jug of undeserved beer. Four out of twenty is not too impressive I’m aware but beggars in Banff can’t be choosers. A Sunday night in a friendly little neighbourhood bar like Bruno’s is in my victorious opinion a great way to end the weekend. Final Answer!

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