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Banff National Park, Alberta

So you have heard all about Banff? Fred and Wilma from next door insisted that you must take your next holiday up around Lake Louise. Flights were cheap so you thought why the hell not. Let’s fly into Calgary, drive for 90 minutes and be in one of the world’s most stunning towns. BUT you never did your research. Aside from reading my blog, which in many ways is like a Hemingway novel, you have no idea what to do in these here parts. Well, worry not weary traveler, I am going to point you in the right direction to educate you on the many activities of the Canadian Rockies.

There are lots of choices in Banff to buy books.

There are lots of choices in Banff to buy books.

Indigo Spirit Bookstore is the most comprehensive place to find anything you need. Whether it be a tourism book about hiking the Canadian Rockies, a photo collection from Jasper or just a Hemingway novel (ahem) you will find it in here. It is located in the beautiful warmth of the Cascade Plaza Mall. The museums and touristy shops around town are also good places to pick up informative books.

If you want to save a penny or two, you are reading the right blog. I wasn’t even aware that the letters DR weren’t supposed to be beside your credit card statement at all times. Analog Books in the Bear Street Mall is a great little shop. Run by a local guy, it is a second hand bookshop with an assortment of books, music and games. There is a big selection of books about the Rockies that will keep you entertained all day.

Finally, if you really want to scrape the pennies then pop into the library. You will have to prove that you are a local if you want to take books out but everyone is more than welcome to come in and peruse the guide books to the Canadian Rockies. There are plenty of seats where you can sit down with your fellow vacationer and plan out your days. The internet is free here for research too. If your time is limited in the Rockies, try to fit as many great activities into your day as possible. Though you may be exhausted by the end of your trip, you will look back with great nostalgia…and you can brag to Fred and Wilma too!

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