Sunday Sessions at the Saltlik, Banff

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Banff, Alberta

There really isn’t such a thing as a quiet night in Banff. When the visitors take a rest on Sunday night in one of Banff’s hotels and the weekend visitors from Calgary make their way home – all the locals come out to play. The Elk and Oarsman is a popular start before the crowds make it to the deceiving Saltlik on Bear Street. It doesn’t look like anything more than somewhere fancy you may go to enjoy a steak but on Sunday nights, a DJ comes in and the place goes off like a misplaced firework.

More than just steaks at the Saltlik.

More than just steaks at the Saltlik.

There is definitely a feeling of steam being let off by people finally enjoying being on the other side of the bar after serving tourists all week. Spirits couldn’t be higher and spirits couldn’t flow more openly. The Saltlik is a really spacious modern kind of bar that tempts drinkers onto the dance floor. There is a great selection of beers to choose from if you need a change from the usual beers on offer. Everyone seems to know everyone in here but even if you aren’t a local, everyone is welcome to share the goodwill!

Just as the bar begins to fill up towards capacity, the idea of further dancing enters everybody’s head and that secret Sunday night word is bandied around. Aurora’s, just like everything else in Banff is only a short skip and jump away from Bear St. and before you know it hats, gloves and jackets are donned as crowds make their way towards the final destination. So much for a day of rest!

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