Swing into Banff’s Grizzly House

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Swing Into the Grizzly House

A Banff Secret

Banff National Park, Albertash

Grizzly House

Everybody knows that food and sex go hand in hand – sometimes in an unhygienic literal way. Well, up on Banff Avenue, there is a not so well kept secret where your two loves may be simultaneously satisfied. Banff is a place filled with restaurants and food serving bars so every business wants to stand out a little bit. However, this delightful little place has a particular reputation amongst town locals. For many years, the Grizzly has acted as the hangout for the more adventurous locals and vacationers. Put it this way, even if you don’t have a car, bring your keys.

The Grizzly doesn’t mind the whispers that bounce around the walls of Banff. Far from it, the establishment, open since 1967, proudly boasts that “The stories you’ve heard are true.” Don’t get the wrong picture in your head of a tacky 70’s style place filled with Ron Jeremy lookalikes and Banff blog writers…it is actually a warm, welcoming, clean place with a menu that reads as long as an intermediate children’s book.

Swing by the Grizzly House.

Get a little wild in the Grizzly House.

Regardless of your tastes or species, there is a huge (food) selection to feast on. Though it specializes in fondue, you should try the Wild Game for starter before tackling the fondue. You have the choice between having it cooked on hot rocks or in oil. It will lighten your wallet by about $50-$60. You can pretty much choose whatever suits you and your (current) partners taste. The tastes tend to be more adventurous in here. The lunch menu is much simpler, though just as delicious.

The Grizzly House for lovers and hedonists (their words, not mine!) is curiously open until the late hour of midnight. Those that have visited before may have wondered about the phones on the table where one table can call another within the dining area to say hello. There must have been some electrical problems during my visit as my phone never rang…though everyone else’s seemed to be working just fine…odd… So, if you fancy tasting some great cuisine in the heart of Banff and meeting some other friendly couples for desert, stop in for a bite to see if the stories you have heard are true!

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  1. Christopher

    In an age where conservation should be our first priority it seems there are still a lot of people and places such as this restaurant that JUST DONT GET IT! There have been movies and major documentaries about the illegal slaughter of Sharks for their fins etc. Over 90% of the shark population has been killed off all due to this exact reason. People still eat it and think that they are eating a delicacy. In fact it’s full of dangerous mercury the highest out of any underwater creature. Second, if all of the sharks are killed off OUR OCEANS will lose the top of the food chain sending it’s system into a downward spiral leading to us eventually having less oxygen to breathe. As if we didn’t have enough to worry about already with Global Warming. Essentially we are killing off the air that we breathe by letting the unlawful slaughter of Sharks take place. By supporting/eating at the restaurants that serve SHARK you are backing away from the issue and letting it take place. The more people who stop eating at these places the less slaughter will take place as the demand will go down. It’s all a cycle people. Start now!

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