The Blurry Nightlife of Banff

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Hoodoo’s Lounge

Banff, Alberta

It may seem like an easy job to pop into a nightclub and review it. Not so dear reader, you wouldn’t review a restaurant without tasting the food so by those rules, there is no way I couldn’t taste a few drinks in one of Banff’s two big nightclubs. Both clubs are under the same ownership, which explains why Hoodoos is only open Thursday through to Tuesday. Regardless of night and time of year, this place is pumping.

Hoodoo you think you are?

Hoodoo you think you are?

After a harmless and innocent night of Bingo, a small group gathered in the Devils Gap bar for a cheap quiet beer and some competitive foosball. As is quite typical in a town like Banff, after a few $10 jugs of beer, that word with all its tempting vowels was mentioned – Hoodoos. Pint glasses were drained, jackets donned, bragging rights completed as we hopped across Banff Avenue to the waiting bouncers. Something I have noticed in Banff is that bouncers are actually nice. Apologies to any bouncers reading but it really is refreshing to be welcomed rather than interrogated when about to pay into a club.

Seven dollars later, I’m in. For the sake of research I notice a dance floor of beautiful women. To really get into the vibe of the club, I take to the dance floor to chat up a girl Banff style. Soon enough I have had that experience as well as the cold hard feeling of rejection – all for research… I wasn’t expecting the club to be so busy as it was a school night in between seasons but this is Banff – there is always something going on.

Hoodoos is the smaller of the two clubs with 2 bars (I think) and booths to chill in with a fairly big sized area that leads onto the packed dancefloor. The music was excellent with great variety. Every time you thought about taking a break – another addictive tune would keep you on the dancefloor. Anybody visiting Banff should pop in to Hoodoos for a wild night. Apologies in advance if I come up to you on the dancefloor.

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