The HI-Banff Alpine Centre, Banff

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Bunk Up in Banff’s HI Hostel

Banff National Park, Alberta

Many people who come to Banff, especially the younger crew, struggle to find accommodation. At peak season, there is so much competition with people looking for work and apartments that hostels are the only option. However, things are quite different from how they used to be. The HI hostel, though a fair bit out of town is pretty luxurious. It is warm, safe, has a great atmosphere and is a really good option for a short term stay until you find your own lodging in Banff.

It's worth the walk to the HI hostel in Banff.

It's worth the walk to the HI hostel in Banff.

The Storm Cellar is the hostel bar and boasts some of the cheapest jugs of beer in Banff. There is pool, darts and TV screens to watch sports and everything is free. Those four letters FREE – so important to the young traveler! Wednesday night always goes off when the open mike cranks through the mountain building. Everybody is in good spirits considering the majority of peoples beds are a short crawl away.

The fact that it is a decent distance out of town used to mean that a wintery walk could sometimes be daunting. However the canny management now offer free public transport to anybody staying in the hostel. Not bad at all for $30 a night!  However, it really is a lovely walk in spring and summer with the beautiful Rockies on all sides. Even in winter, it can really feel like you are in a outback lodge in the middle of nowhere. There are plenty of people who drive up and down the hill as well that will give a lift to a fellow traveler.

The bed rooms themselves are newly built. They are between four to six bed dorms but there is also the option of private rooms and luxurious super rooms with queen bed, ensuite washroom and TV/ telephone. These rooms are truly relaxing and have great views. If you fancy the advantages of a hotel but with the atmosphere of a hostel, then this is a great option. It is well worth popping up the hill for a beer at the very least.

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