Transport around the Canadian Rockies without a Car

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Canadian Rockies Transport

Banff National Park, Alberta

I had taken buses between Banff and Jasper quite a few times when conditions were just too dangerous to take a poor excuse of a car like mine on a long journey through the Icefields. However, it wasn’t until yesterday when I had to meet a friend in Canmore, a short 20 minute drive away that I began to wonder – how do you get there without a car? Transport around the Canadian Rockies can sometimes be confusing to people so here are the straight facts about getting around the Canadian Rockies.

The long and winding road to the Rockies.

The long and winding road to the Rockies.

Banff to Canmore

$50 taxi. If you are sharing with three other people, then this is just fine. If you are on your own, then you need to look at alternatives. The Greyhound leaves from the bus station a few times a day. The problem is it is not particularly reliable. Mine was over an hour late yesterday though in its defence, driving conditions were woeful. Getting home is easier. You can go with taxi or bus again but hitchhiking is best. This may be illegal (if any police are reading this, someone else hacked into my blog and wrote that). However, every time I hitch from Canmore, within the first few cars, someone picks me up. As yet, I have not been murdered though one car did make fun of my accent for the full 20 minute trip. Outside McDonalds is the best spot to catch a lift. Hitchhiking is never safe but in general the people around the towns of the Canadian Rockies are good folk. Just tone down any accents.

Banff – Lake Louise / Jasper / Calgary / Edmonton Airports

Jasper Vacations offer a variety of tours depending on whether you are looking to see some wildlife or hoping to catch your flight on time from Calgary. The drivers are trustworthy, knowledgeable, experienced and helpful. Depending on what time of year it is, they offer a variety of times going both ways.


There are very reliable buses running through the local towns. In Banff, they have an electronic board telling you when the next bus is. This is particularly useful when it is so cold and your hair is freezing, just pop in for a coffee while waiting. The beautiful thing about getting around the Rockies is that it is never a chore. The sights from the windows, day and night, summer and winter, are always mesmerizing.

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