Using the Internet in Banff

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Banff National Park, Alberta

As you may have noticed from my ever informative blogs, some of the best information about Banff and the Canadian Rockies comes from the internet. You may have done your research before you left home but the brain always needs a refreshing after it has been frozen half solid by the sub zero temperatures. In a small town like Banff, you may think there aren’t many options but you are wrong. If you know where you are going, you can save an absolute fortune which you can then spend on delicious pints or sober activities.

Computers in Banff are a bit more up to date than this.

Computers in Banff are a bit more up to date than this.

Chances are that the hotel you are staying in will supply you with wireless but some of them charge a fee these days. If this is so and you feel like a coffee then just pop into Second Cup or Starbucks and grab a latte and enjoy two hours of free wireless internet. It is a really relaxing thing to do to even just check the sports news while relaxing with a coffee. The other place to catch wireless is in the library though here they will charge you a $1 fee per half hour and they don’t give you any coffee! However, the library offers free internet for those simply researching so you can read my blogs till the cows come home. Lucky readers!

There are two internet cafes around town not including the scattering of computers downstairs in the Cascade Mall. One is on the main street – Banff Avenue and is called the underground. The computers are fast, the Skype call quality excellent and the staff friendly but if you were to spend 20 hours in here, you could probably have afforded a laptop in the first place. If you are planning to spend quite a while on the computers, then head to the Cyber Café downstairs in the Sundance Mall where you get rewarded for spending more time on the computers. In comparison to its competitors, this is a cheap alternative where you can read all about Jasper, Banff and Lake Louise and still have some money left

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