Weddings in the Canadian Rockies from a Helicopter

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Celebrate your Canadian Rockies Wedding from a Height

Canmore, Alberta

Sometimes you get the feeling that a blog is going to be full of puns before a word is even written. Well if you have no prior engagements and want to propel yourself into married life with a romantic helicopter trip in the Canadian Rockies, then there is no better place than well-groomed Canmore. If the idea of having your new spouse dangling from the edge of a helicopter before any pre nuptials are signed is too tempting, then maybe celebrations are best kept to the ground. However, jokes aside, there are few things more romantic and memorable than to float above the most stunning mountain range in the world with the person you have just promised to spend the rest of your life (4-7 years) with.

The views of Canmore and Banff National Park from a helicopter are unforgettable.

The views of Canmore and Banff National Park from a helicopter are unforgettable.

There are a few different companies to choose from in Canmore alone. One that offers the most diversity pricewise and time-wise is Kananaskis Heli Tours. Whether you simply want a quick peek at the peaks of the Canadian Rockies from above or something even more unique, you will find it here. Considering the hope is that you will only be married once, you may we well make your honeymoon as special as possible and it doesn’t come any more special than the Romance Package that Kananaskis Heli Tours offer.

The Romance Package is for people celebrating anniversaries, proposals, weddings or any special occasion really. It is a private helicopter experience with a one hour champagne stop in the wilderness. Aside from taking a hot air balloon across the pyramids in Egypt, I find it hard to imagine a more romantic gesture. Also this way you don’t have to worry about drifting over any borders with angry, confused soldiers on the ground!

The Canadian Rockies is a big healthy, welcoming, naturally beautiful wonderland. It is exactly the right place to celebrate a wedding. There is something about being in a helicopter that makes you feel small and appreciative of the things you have. If you have just been married, the most important thing (don’t call her a thing) will be sitting right beside you.

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