Where to Use the Internet in Banff

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Where to Use the Internet in Banff

Banff National Park, Alberta

Not to sound too much like my mother but these days the Internet is everywhere. There are IPhones, Ipods with internet and laptops that are so small that those cursed with chubby fingers struggle. The world of information is at your fingertips. In Banff, many people are surprised about the lack of choices when it comes to finding a computer to use or a place to take advantage of wireless. Me and my chubby fingers have compiled a list of the places you can head to check your email and see if the dating agency has gotten back to you yet.

Free Internet in Banff

Banff Public Library – 101 Bear Street

There is a clause to the freedom of the Banff Library service. Perhaps due to an overabundance of people traipsing into the delightfully quiet building and chatting on their facebook for hours, the library people have set limits. You are free to use their computers for research (work, resumes, tourism, etc) but for communications (facebook, email, etc), you must pay $1 for 30 minutes. The same applies for wireless use.

You can research your Banff trip for free in the Banff Public Library.

You can research your Banff trip for free in the Banff Public Library.

Job Resource Centre – 314 Marten Street

Same sort of rules apply here. You can use it to help find a job but not to find out what that Porn Stars name really is.

Starbucks and Second Cup

If you are the proud owner of a laptop, this is easily the best option. You get 2 hours free wireless per session. You only have to fork out $2 on a small coffee to feel morally justified. The connection is fast and there are plenty of plug sockets around to keep the battery full. Can’t decide which one to choose? Second Cup is proudly Canadian but Starbucks plays great music.

Not So Free Internet in Banff

Banff YWCA – 102 Spray Avenue

$1 for 10 minutes (coin operated). This is not cheap nor is it the best option but if you are in a rush, step right up.

Cyberweb Internet Café – 215 Banff Avenue

If you just want to check your emails really quickly, this may not be the best option. At $6 an hour, it’s just not economical. However, they do have a special for $5.30 all day which doesn’t really make sense but who are we to argue. If you need to do a lot of research or work, this is the best place to go. It’s nice and warm too.

The Underground – 211 Banff Avenue

There are better options around Banff for sure but $6 a hour in the Underground is another option to consider.

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