Working Holiday in the Canadian Rockies: Why Working in Banff is an Experience You Don’t Want to Miss

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Banff Avenue on a crisp winter day. (Photo Credit: Kellie Iwona)

Banff – Alberta, Canada

Become an Honorary Local in Banff

Travelers often seek out an authentic experience. By taking a job in the Rockies you’ll get to become an honorary local. You’ll get to really explore the community and live that authentic experience of the Rockies in Banff National Park.

Plus, there is too much to see in Banff to take it all in over a weekend visit. By living in Banff National Park  you’ll be able to utilize your vacation days to experience all that the Rockies have to offer.

Get to Know People From Around the World

Banff National Park draws visitors from around the world. Living in the Rockies is a great way to meet people from other places without moving an inch. Your work colleagues will come from around the world; from Australia and India, Europe and the Caribbean. For people wanting to work abroad the resorts and ski hills of Banff are anWorking in the Rocky Mountains will allow you to expand your horizons by meeting people from around the globe.

Don’t Just Visit the Rockies – Live Them

When visiting the Rockies, especially for the first time, many people are awed by their majesty. I was no exception. After working in Jasper for four months I was no longer awestruck but I was continuously impressed by the natural beauty I witnessed every day. I counted myself lucky to walk out my door into such natural splendour. My daily commute featured emerald lakes and frequent sightings of deer and elk.

Working in the Rockies will give you a unique chance not just to visit the Mountains but to truly live them. You’ll get to make the Rockies part of your daily life.

Jobs are Plentiful

Mountain towns like  Banff have put limits on expansion to preserve the natural beauty of the parks. This keeps their populations relatively small. However, millions of tourists flock to the mountains each year.  The result is that the local population cannot staff all the shops, restaurants, campgrounds and  hotels in banff that accommodate all these visitors. Banff needs people like you, people on working holidays, to help them run. Businesses are always seeking staff and jobs are plentiful in Banff National Park.

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