Letting your Dog Run Free in Jasper

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Jasper offers great vacation opportunities for dogs and their humans.

Today’s question comes from Jessica W.

Hi! I read about how pets must be on a leash at all times. Are there any off-leash parks/areas for dogs anywhere in or near Jasper?



Jessica, we recently spoke with Thea Mitchell of Parks Canada, and asked her this very question. While dogs are required to be leashed on trails in the park, there is a great dog park you can take them to in the town of Jasper, where they can run wild and free. It’s Jasper’s municipal dog park, located on Pyramid Lake Road beside the Jasper Aquatic Centre and across from the Jasper Yellowhead Museum and Archives.

For more information on vacationing here with your dog, check out this guide to vacationing in Jasper with a dog.

Hope that helps!

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