Summer Drinking in Banff – The Saltlik Patio

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Summer Drinking in Banff – The Saltlik Patio

Banff National Park, Alberta

The Saltlik is one of those restaurant / bars in Banff that the locals just love. It could be because of the delicious steaks, it could be the choice of cocktails or it could be because all the waitresses appear to be supermodels in training. I have my own thoughts on this! However, throughout the winter, it is easy to forget that the patio is more than just a snow collector. Once the sun comes out, the Saltlik has one of the best patios in Banff for an outside beer and also one of the best atmospheres.

The Saltlik is a big locals favourite in Banff.

Located on Bear Street, the patio leans right out on the street just like the Grizzly Paw in Canmore so you can people watch all you like while sipping on your choice of beverage. Aside from being model material, their servers are all extremely friendly and laid back and make you feel even more comfortable behind those thick sunglasses. If you are staying until the late evening and the shadows are beginning to appear, they will bring out some heaters so you won’t go cold.
The Saltlik isn’t the cheapest option in town but it is certainly one of the best. In fact, if you go for some evening drinks on a Sunday, you will probably have one of your best nights out in Banff. Sunday is local’s night and the Saltlik goes off. It is the perfect place to spend the earlier parts of the night before heading off around Banff to continue your night. Banff has a great reputation when it comes to nightlife but there is no reason you can’t enjoy the ‘daylife’ too!

221 Bear Street

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