Beautiful Morning while Golfing in Banff National Park

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Banff Golf Sunrise, Banff National Park

Morning Golfing in Banff, Alberta

This was a once in a lifetime experience in the Canadian Rockies. This is a perfect sunrise at Fairmont Banff Springs Golf Course. The strong red and yellow colours form to create a fire in the sky. Every time I witness such a spectacle I am inspired by Mother Nature.

The Fairmont Banff Springs Golf Course is a wonderful place to play golf while being surrounded by great, yet at times distracting, landscape. While golfing on this course one has the possibility to encounter wild life such as elk, coyotes, bears, and other small mammals. The squirrels can be a concern as they are known to steal snacks from the golf carts by unsuspecting golfers! The Fairmont Banff is not the only golf course in the Canadian Rockies, so you might want to check out these other Banff golfing packages to find a location that is closest to your vacation destination. You could also pair your golfing trip with a whitewater rafting trip in Banff.

While golfing in the Canadian Rockies please avoid feeding the animals.

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